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About Accessories

We offer a wide selection of stools, music cabinets, music stands, metronomes, piano covers, sconces (candle stick holders for the fronts of traditional pianos), castor cups and other sundry piano or music related furniture or items. 

2 seat duet adjustable stoolPiano stools / Music stools

A range of makes are available either from stock or to order in solo or duet versions, some are concert styles stools with leather seats, some are adjustable stools, some store music, we offer a range of finishes including black, white, dark walnut, medium walnut, brown mahogany, red mahogany, dark mahogany, cherry, oak and beech often in either polished or satin finishes usually with draylon seats however some have leather seats or this can be an optional extra. A good choice of new and second hand are usually available to view, buy and take away or non standard stools or finishes can be made to order.

Music stands

We usually hold one in stock as an example with other models, finishes and styles to order


Wittner metronomes in the traditional pyramid style from stock in selected finishes with other models available to order in wood or plastic with or without bells (these can be set to ring on the first beat of the bar).

music cabinet - 6 drawersMusic cabinets / music canterburys

John Austin music cabinets are usually made to order to suit the individual customer requirements for drawer number, finish and style. You can have 5-28 drawers in your choice of finishes and handles. The drawers are drop fronted so that you can see the title on the spine of the music.

Occasionally we do have second hand and antique music cabinet and canterburys available, if you are looking for something particular we may be able to help

Piano covers

Upright piano covers, grand piano covers and other instrument covers are usually made to order in a selection of materials, cotton, canvas, quilted, PVC (plastic) with different colours available in selected fabrics. We do have a good selection of quilted grand piano covers in stock for sale, to choose and take away dependent on if we have the right size for your piano and the right colour for you.


If your piano has lost its sconces, which are the candlestick holders you see on old upright pianos and you want to replace them give us a call, we have several sizes and styles to choose from.

Castor cups

We have an excellent selection of wooden and plastic castor cups to go under the wheels or legs on a piano are available in a selection of diameters, styles, finishes and prices.

Piano sundries

Piano locks, piano keys, desk hooks and other sundry items are often available from stock by mail order, postage and packing will be charged or you can visit us.

Early keyboard Instrument spare parts

Strings in brass, phosphor bronze, iron and steel in a range of gauges are available from stock with some wound strings available or to order, mail order service available. For plectra, springs, tuning pins, tangents and other sundry parts for harpsichords and clavichords please call us

Tuning hammers

Tuning hammers for harpsichords, clavichords and square pianos are available from stock with other non standard models available to order.